I’ve been home from California for over a week now, and Oregon has welcomed me back by dumping water from the sky virtually non-stop since I’ve been home. It’s a rough adjustment when I make those trips in the wintertime. Here’s a quick rundown of what we got done while I was there (with pictures!):

This is Peter.
In this picture, he is being awesome. We took on the challenge of arranging some traditional children’s music that won’t irritate adults that inevitably must also listen to it. I had a blast taking on this project and I’m SO excited with what we recorded. Peter busted this thing out for Hush, Little Baby. It ended up with this bluesy, loose feel, unexpected but sooooo nice.

This is Uma, helping. She’s probably the most rockin’ two year old I know.

This is me, working with a baby strapped to me. Peter and I were writing a song at the time and she was totally digging it, but we had to write fast because she got upset whenever the music stopped. We welcomed the challenge.

This is me, being distracted by my awesome pink shoes.

This is me, exiting the vocal booth. The vocal booth itself looked like something you would trick someone into entering just to lock them in it and load it in a truck. Once I got past this feeling, it felt more like some super cool clubhouse where grownups weren’t allowed. And it worked brilliantly.

One of my favorite parts of these trips, where we go back and listen to everything we got done that week.

Also included in this trip, a waffle sandwich. You’re welcome.