I spent the weekend at my parents house, and came home yesterday afternoon to find the power was out at my house, and most of the town. I lit a few candles, started a fire, and grabbed a blanket.

What struck me as odd was the quiet. And the dark. I normally turn on the tv, cruise around Facebook, have pandora radio going… I never realized how much noise I surround myself with. And how often I flick a light switch. I had about a half hour to organize myself before the sun went down and once it was dark it was very dark. No street lamps, no house lights from the neighbors, just me in the quiet. It was a nice time to reflect on how much I take for granted. I feel like I got a snapshot of what the east coast is going through and I’ve been better at counting my blessings since.

If you are in a storm right now, stay safe. Thoughts and prayers are with you.