This is what baby girl looked like when we got home from the store. It is not what she looked like when we left for the store.


Because this is the face of a troublemaker.


I gave a window into my life on this blog recently about how I’m a musician, mom, etc. This week I’m also an amateur handyman (handywoman? That sounds weird). Yesterday on my tumblr page I was bragging on my baby a bit. We’re trying to get some work done on the house this week and she’s been a rock star about napping anyway and letting us get away with not giving her 100% of our attention all the time, stuff like that. I called her a “good sport”.

Well today my “good sport” decided to have a diaper blowout right in the middle of Home Depot. Within the first two minutes of being there, of course. After a quick baby wipe sponge bath and disposing of her thankfully-not-very-cute-outfit-because-mommy-needs-to-do-laundry clothes, she rocked the hardware store in her baby skivvies. And I laughed, because sometimes you just have to.

I try to stay grounded in spite of the glamor that is my life.

Look mommy!


I kept my socks clean!