I’m not sure how to begin- there’s so much to say.
From the time I started pursuing music professionally, I knew I would never be an act with back up dancers, pyrotechnics, or costume changes. My appeal would be that I’m a real person, and I think that really connects with people. It is here that I must apologize, because until now I’ve only shared a part of me. I’ve been determined to keep “Music Courtney” and all other facets of me separated, due to some irrational fear of I’m-not-even-sure-what. But that’s not fair to you the fans and I’ve come to realize it doesn’t do either of us any good to hold back.  So I’m coming clean.
Here’s what you may not know:
I don’t live in a hip studio apartment in some big city. I live in a 100 year old house in a tiny town on the Oregon coast.
I live here with my husband, my two big dogs, and, most recently, my baby girl. Pictures to follow, because she’s adorable.
Not only am I a wife, I am a military wife. Who saw that coming? Not me. 
There’s other fun Courtney trivia that I’m sure will be revealed over time, but those are the big main points. I’m re-RE-committing to being diligent about my online presence and I’m going to try my hardest because you deserve better than I’ve been. (Just imagine my poor parents trying to get me to do homework as a teenager.)
In music news, the tracks for my next album have been mastered as of last week. I’m really excited for the record, and I hope you are too- it’s good stuff!
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