So I wrote something using a roller coaster metaphor and it turned out to be a flawed comparison and kind of cliche all at the same time, so I ditched it. I guess I could just say things as they are instead of trying to use as many words as possible to paint a picture. I just get so comfortable doing things that way. Metaphors are kind of my thing.

I’m at that stage with this project where I get a little nervous. I just want it to be the absolute best it can be, because it’s amazing and deserves the very best. Music is so crazy though, both the business and music itself, that to record something is taking the best possible snapshot and letting that speak for it for as long as the album will be out there. It’s a still picture of something that’s always shifting.

Despite this, I know to create a great album, though it takes work, is certainly not an endeavor left completely to chance. My music is in very good hands. I just get a little nervous, is all.