I just posted a quick bit about the new record’s tentative release in the “News” section, and wanted to give a glimpse into the discussion in which that timeframe was decided upon.

I had a number of meetings while I was in LA last week (distribution, placement, video… involved awesome people and usually awesome food too). While talking about the record’s progress I began to realize suddenly something I really knew all along- that everything takes longer than you think. A lesson life is intent on teaching me. I need to get the music to my distributor (they put me on iTunes and stuff) before the release, because that takes time. Peter still has a lot of work to do with adding instrumentals, and editing all my stuff to make it sound like I got everything right the first time, plus the mixing, plus the mastering, plus the artwork… and my head is about to explode. Which would be messy, so I’ll try to avoid that. ANYway, by the time all that comes together I’d be competing with all the many, many  holiday albums plus everyone’s so busy that time of year! I don’t want it to get lost, because it’s going to be pretty awesome. Time for a paragraph break.

So that’s how we came up with the January/February timeframe. Not too far off but gives those involved plenty of time to make sure it’s done right. Which you deserve, being the awesome music appreciators you are.

It’ll be here in no time! Woohoo!