I am recently returned from another LA adventure- this time, to finish the vocal work on the new record. Yay! Also, LA decided to be over 100 degrees every day I was there. Gross.

My last trip I planned extra time to lay down instrumentals and vocals, but I got the flu halfway in and slept on a floor for three straight days instead. The glamor of it all, I know. Try not to be too jealous.

But onto happier things! I am SUPER excited about this project. My family came down for part of the studio sessions and we all mused at how different this album is from Awake & Dreaming. With the first record, my family had heard me sing these songs hundreds of times whereas this time, it’s all material Peter and I wrote in the studio. It was all new to them. So it was cool to have fresh ears on the music.

The instrumentals are most excellent. I’m pretty much in love with several of Butch‘s drum tracks, and they make me happy just listening to them even though the tracks are still pretty stripped down right now. I feel really confident about the lead vocals I did and am more excited than ever about the songs themselves- I’m not one to toot my own horn, but it’s really good stuff.

In no time, it was time for background vocals. They’re like dessert. Frosting. It’s fun, I love singing them, and it adds so much texture to the songs that I can only hear in my head before that. The background vocals for this record took on an Enya-esque feel, which I love in contrast to the more mainstream singer/songwriter-alternative-pop-whatever-I-am sound of the lyrics and music. All in all, I can’t WAIT for this record to be released.

Good things are coming.