Apologies all around- looking back at my sadly recently-neglected blog, I know that keeping everyone up to date is not something that should have taken a summer vacation. I am only human. Again, I apologize. And now onto… new resolve!

I am going to do SO good at writing frequent and totally-awesome-super-interesting-sometimes-even-witty blog posts, this little three month hiatus will be naught but a distant memory all too soon. Beyond that, I am re-committing to ALL my “social media”. I will update my blog, my facebook fan page, my twitter, and have my website reworked for YOU, awesome fans that you are. Also, I will respond to comments, questions, and any other bits of opinion and/or info YOU want to share on those pages in the comment sections.

Feel free to test me on it- leave me comments, ask questions, let’s all get together on this.

New album coming soon- these are exciting times!