While most of the world was caught up in a royal wedding today, I was elbow deep in ripping up the carpet in my house to see what was underneath. Wood floors, if the suspense was killing you, but very very sad wood floors. In the kitchen there’s about five layers of crap before the actual wood floor, but I think making it awesome is completely doable.

Nothing against anyone who was tuned in to the goings on of the royal wedding. Royalty is cool, and we don’t have any because of that whole Revolutionary War thing, so we have to borrow Britain’s. I probably would have been watching the goings on if a) I had remembered that was today b) had cable and c) wasn’t pulling up carpet in four rooms. Plus a hallway. Decades and decades of bad home decor decisions. Dust, sweat, power tools. Far, far away from a royal wedding.

Mostly I appreciated the irony.

Plus I used power tools, and that needed to be documented somewhere.