I like to be here when I can.

I tend to bounce around a lot from place to place. Partly due to profession, partly by choice. But I guess when I’m “home” home, I’m here in my new little 100 year old house on the Oregon coast. It’s always an adventure, like the roof leaking my first day of official ownership. Or the dryer breaking down mid-cycle. Or how I have to get in touch with my inner mountain woman to chop firewood (let it be noted, I am not a mountain woman. I’m sure my parents would love to see me try and chop firewood). You could classify the house as a “fixer upper”. Am I handy? Not at all. But fortunately, I’ve been blessed with good friends that are, and I’m willing to learn.

Even though it’s famous for all it’s rain, and for good reason, I love it here. It’s quiet. It’s very pretty. And on the occasional sunny day, I get to go exploring new trails with my puppy, who I think envisions himself as Indiana Jones when we’re on walks. He is an avid pine cone hunter. He’s funny.

Ever since the flu that attacked me in LA I’ve been battling some health stuff, mostly with my sinuses. Which…. are slightly important when trying to sing. I’m doing my best to get that taken care of so I can get back down to California and lay down those vocals for the record. I’m sorry I haven’t written while I’ve been trying to adjust back to home life- I’ll try and be better.


Also funny- watching me try and build a fire