First off, I love airports that have free wifi. Thank you, Sacramento. Secondly, I love people-watching at the airport. It’s probably my favorite activity to do here. Specifically, I love looking at people from the ankles down. How someone walks and their shoe choice for travel tells you a lot about someone. Also, when that whole croc-wearing family walks by, you want to notice. That’s a gem.

I tend to admire the people in sweats and/or Uggs the most. I’m so confused by women who dress up and tromp around the airport in heels, or, like the girl in front of me going through security, knee-high boots that go over jeans. You know you’re going to have to take off your shoes. This girl was also wearing a huge metal bracelet, a belt, and at least three rings in addition to her knee-high boots. She took longer to put herself back together than the  mom with her 2 year old did. Now granted, she was dressed very cute, much cuter than me for sure…. but why all the baubles when it’s such a hassle to get through security? And then you come into the main part of the airport where everyone is trying to avoid eye contact anyway? I’m confused. Anyway, maybe someday I’ll be more motivated to dress up when I travel. Or at least understand why someone would.