In the interest of full disclosure, I know nothing about horses. But I like to use common phrases to illustrate something other than their literal meaning. Occupational hazard.

We’re currently into our fourth song with bass and drums, which is pretty good for an afternoon’s (and now evening’s) work. I’m super happy with how these songs are taking shape. The rhythm section, especially when they’re as amazingly talented as Butch and Jon, does wonders for bringing a song to life.

We record. We listen. We discuss. We repeat as needed.

I’m trying to keep up with the music lingo being thrown around… it’s hard not to be intimidated by the sheer musicianship and experience in the room. But I’m feeling good. I think I’m doing alright for a small-town Oregon girl in here.


On a separate note- feel free to chime in! That’s what the comment section is for, after all. I still need help with my Too Many Daves dilemma.