Hello world! Courtney Jones here.

This is my blog! Probably something I should have started a while ago but no time like the present, right?

It’s actually a good time for starting up new things, seeing as I am, at this moment, in LA and working with my producer, Peter Malick, on my new record. The new record that turned into two different-but-equally-awesome projects yesterday. More on that later.

A little about me: I am a singer/songwriter that grew up in a small town in Oregon. Middle child of five. I have been working as a full-time musician for about 6 years now. My debut album Awake & Dreaming came out a couple of years ago, and I’m very proud of it. My song “weightless” from that album has gotten some good recognition, first on a Law & Order SVU promo ad and then an episode of Flashpoint that aired in Canada just recently. I found out via numerous phone calls from friends and family. I’ve opened for the 88, Missy Higgins, Edwin McCain, Kenny Loggins, Pacifika, Bitter:Sweet, and a number of other artists, most recently Bryan Greenberg. I love what I do.

Anyway, I expect this blog, both in content and aesthetics, to go through some changes over the next little while. Please check back often, and give a shout-out every once in a while. Thanks!